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Welcome to Noe Pond!


Our Mission Statement: "Focus on the family"

Noe Pond is a family-oriented, year-round recreational club that provides swimming, racket sports, children's programs, and opportunities for social interaction for its members and their guests.

The Club was established in 1955 and our core mission has not changed. We strive to provide a safe and friendly environment in which children can make life-long friends, learn to swim and play tennis, compete in a variety of sports, and spend quality time with their family.

As you explore our facility, you will note that it is unique and beautiful. But what stands out the most, is the number of happy and smiling faces you will see on this site. 

Thanks for visiting, and please contact us if you would like to become part of our family.




NOE POND CLUB: The Family Club - A Very Special Place


Noe Pond Club featured in a video for Atlantic Health systems


The Family Club - A Very Special Place