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Step Into History at the Noe Pond Club


The Noe Pond Club was founded by Nancy Tasman Brower and Bailey Brower Jr.  The three-and-a-half-acre pond, the Club's hallmark, has been an important part of the Chatham Township community and Brower family history since the early 1800's. The well-fed pond served the family's dairy and rose farm while also providing local residents with drinking water and irrigation in warm months and ice during the winter months. 

In 1955, the Browers repurposed the land and founded the Noe Pond Club.  The Club's swim-related amenities include a large white sand main beach, a second smaller beach used for special purposes, a large dock, diving boards, slides, a float in the middle of the pond, a variety of small boats, various water features enjoyed by kids and parents alike, and a fountain that our youngest children love to play under.  

There are ten tennis courts, 8 of which are Har-tru surfaced, 4 lighted platform ("paddle") courts that see extensive use throughout the year, two playgrounds, a tennis backboard, and large grass play areas where our children play soccer, whiffle ball, and simple games of tag. 

We have a clubhouse with locker rooms, a paddle hut for our winter players, a pavilion where we hold special summer programs, picnic areas, and numerous shaded areas for relaxing out of the sun. 

Generations of families have learned to swim, dive, and play tennis and paddle tennis at Noe Pond Club. The swimming emblem program, unique to Noe, has provided incentive to many thousands of children to learn to swim at a very young age. The Club has also employed in excess of 1,000 teenagers in what for most of them was their first job.

Noe Pond Club - PO Box 360, Chatham, NJ 07928 - Business Office: 973-377-2445 - Clubhouse: 973-377-6430